Drunk Driving Topics Essay

Drunk driving is a serious problem and the government endeavors to fight it as soon as possible. Various measures are taken to prevent a driver from risking their lives and the lives of other people. The task to write an essay on topic “Drunk driving” is a solemn responsibility for every writer. That is why one has to preserve specific writing standards.

To start the essay on the topic related to the problem of drunk driving, one has to be focused on the particular issue. The main idea is to pick the aspect of the question for discussion in your composition. It is better to start with the familiarization of the target reader with the particular topic. Then try to make him aware of what you are going to discuss throughout the essay. You will have to conduct small research as well to be able to gather all the necessary materials. In the introductory part, you have to formulate the thesis statement. It should describe the main idea and aim of your essay.


How To Write The Main Body Of The Essay

The main body, as a rule, follows the introductory part. This section is the core of the article as it contains the primary information related to the topic and developing the thesis sentence. Make sure to choose and imply only that material which is relevant to the central theme.

Depending on the format requirements provided by your scholarly supervisor, decide on the size of your essay. Based on the word count you plan what material you are going to include. There cases when you have strict word limit and arises the need to deliver info in a very condensed form

In general, the central body part has to consist of 2-3 paragraphs. It depends on the general requirements of the word quantity. Bear in mind that each new paragraph has to start with the introductory sentence, which provides the reader with the new portion of info you are going to cover in this section. All the materials you are presenting in the main body have to be related to the thesis sentence and support it.


How To Finish

The conclusion or the last section of the composition has to include the summary of all material discussed in the main body of the piece. What is more, the final part has to be related to the thesis. A good writing strategy will be to paraphrase the thesis so that the reader will see that the main idea of the essay is preserved and supported in all part of the composition.

Do not overload the conclusion. The size should be approximately equal to the size of the introductory part. Try to be laconic, but logical. Make sure not to introduce any new info. You are not allowed to do it in the final part of the essay. Generalize all the ideas presented. The last sentence has to include a call to action.

Drunk Driving Essay Outline

Here is the handy outline illustrating the structure of the essay on the topic “Drunk driving.”

1. Introduction

  • Topic sentence. Describe the relevance of the problem. You need to explain why this issue is so important now. The thought must be argued. The most significant risks of accidents in road traffic involving drunk drivers of motor vehicles occur when speed and braking power are very high.
  • Thesis. You need to state in the thesis precisely the idea that you want to endorse or refute. Drunk driving is a crime, and strict preventing measures should be taken by the government to prevent both drivers and pedestrians from the tragic consequences.

Do: Try to be precise and logical. It is better to concentrate on a particular idea, avoiding overgeneralization. Work on the formulation of the thesis, so that reader will be able to concentrate on the main idea easily.
Do not: Avoid writing the voluminous introduction. Your task is to make the reader familiar with your topic; all the rest info he will get in the main body part.

2. Main body

  • Pros of drunk driving. Introductory sentence. It is difficult to divide the nature of the issue of the drunk driving into the positive and negative impact on humanity; however, there is one advantage possible to single out.
    Developing argument. The only positive impact of the problem of the drunk driving is that is a bright example of the thing that people have to avoid.
  • Cons of drunk driving. Introductory sentence. Drunk driving has caused many problems both for drivers and pedestrians.
    Developing argument. The main con of the drunk driving is that millions of people regularly get serious injuries according to the statistics and many people die because of the irresponsibility of drunk drivers.

Do: Try to make the main body paragraphs well structured. Each paragraph has to have the main argument and then 2-3 supporting sentences.
Do not: It is a bad strategy to mix up all the ideas in one paragraph. You will turn the essay into a total mess.

3. Conclusion

  • A summary of all information covered in the essay. Reducing harm from alcohol impact on participants of road traffic is a collective responsibility of every driver. Everyone bears individual responsibility for drinking alcohol and for making the traffic safety.
  • Call to action. Individual control of the amount of is a necessity for every person in the struggle to reduce the incidence of alcohol-related accidents.

Do: Make a conclusion logical and sense loaded. Avoid implying general phrases, the reader will feel confused.
Do not: Avoid introducing new info in conclusion. The essay will be illogical and the target reader will be unable to trace the sense through the whole composition. Avoid paraphrasing of the introduction.


A Few Words About Writing Research Paper On Drunk Driving Rubric

To write a drunk driving research paper a writer has to approach the task seriously. He needs to perform an investigatory project to gather all the necessary materials. It is also a prolific strategy to gather statistical info to shoe the target reader the full picture illustrating this current and urgent problem.

Difference Between Essay and Research Paper

In comparison with drunk driving essay writing, preparation of the research paper on the same topic differs. This contrast appears because of different nature and essence of these assignments. An essay is a small composition having a specific structure, in which the author manifests his views on the chosen topic (problem). On the contrast, a research paper is significant scientific writing that should verify your knowledge of a particular subject in the specific field of science. Execution of coursework requires time, knowledge, ability to search the necessary information in scientific and electronic libraries.

10 points for Writing Research Paper

  1. Try to formulate the theme that will become a starting point of the writing process. It is better to ask for advice your supervisor.
  2. Try to narrow the topic down enough. Usually, students pick a specific issue and concentrate their attention on it.
  3. Compile a bibliography and gather all the necessary materials by making a research on a particular topic.
  4. Try to compile a proper plan for your work.
  5. Move to the writing of an introduction, which should include a description of the relevance of the chosen topic in practical and theoretical perspective; it has to add a definition of the subject, object, purpose, and tasks of coursework.
  6. Gathering information for the academic section of the research paper.
  7. Work on the development of the methodological and theoretical foundations of the future research. The choice of research methods and the development of tools (application of the questionnaire as the primary method of data collection should be mandatory, other techniques can be applied at the request of the author of the work);
  8. Data collection. Initial data processing. Compilation of the draft.
  9. Writing the second section of the work, which should include: the research program (including the description of the problem, the allocation of the object, the subject, the purpose and objectives of the study, the description of the chosen method (methods), interpretation of the basic concepts, the recommended sampling type and the volume of the sample population); analysis of the data and conclusions of the results of the research.
  10. Writing general conclusions.

Drinking and Driving

Driving and drinking is among the worst habits practiced by people all over the world. People think that it is okay to drive themselves to town or even to their homes after drinking. However, this is one thing that leads to occurrence of accidents on our roads leading to serious consequences. Drinking and driving mostly occurs after partying with friends or even just having alcoholic drinks at the club in town. Most of the times when someone is under the influence of alcohol, they tend to think that they are invincible. This wrong choice, however, can lead to fatal consequences and should be addressed and avoided.

Effects of Drinking and Driving

The behavior of drinking and driving may result in various negative and devastating effects. For one, it is one of the main causes of accidents. A driver driving under alcohol influence is more likely to cause road accident as compared to one driving under no influence. In case of an accident, death may occur, reportedly in many countries across the world many deaths have occurred due to drinking and driving as a result of accidents. Those who are lucky to survive the accidents may suffer injuries including partial or total disability. Another effect of drinking and driving is the fact that when one is caught driving under alcohol influence then they get a bad record and apparently their reputation is ruined in a way.

Ways to Prevent Drinking and Driving

Due to the devastating effects that result from drinking and driving, it is vital to consider looking for ways that may reduce or better eliminate incidents of drinking and driving. There is the need to have citizens educated on the effects and consequences of drinking and driving. This way, they understand that driving and drinking is and should not be an option as it can be dangerous and even fatal. In case one is in a party or a club and, may take alcohol it is advisable to have a driver to drive them home. Alternatively, it would be better to take a taxi home as this would guarantee more road safety. One can also decide to spend the night in town or wherever it is they are partying from as this would be safer than drinking and later on driving home. Strict laws should be enforced in every country against drinking and driving.

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