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Romeo and Juliet Movie comparison Essay

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Movie Compare and Contrast

     There are many similarities and differences between the sixties version of Romeo and Juliet and the modern version of Romeo and Juliet. It is very easy to spot these differences considering the time period each movie was set in. There are some things in the play that totally got cut from both movies. There are also some things that they added to the movies that weren’t in the play. Let us get on to the similarities and differences.

     First off, the biggest difference is the time periods of each movie. The older movie was set in Early Renaissance times. The newer movie is set in the early ninety’s. Another difference is the use of special effects. In the…show more content…

Romeo got dizzy for a minute at the party and then he was fine. It had no relevance to the story line what so ever. Another big difference is Juliet saw Romeo die in the modern version. In the old version Romeo dies without knowing Juliet was really alive. In the modern version Juliet wakes up seconds after Romeo drinks the poison. If Juliet would have taken the sleeping potion a minute earlier, the two lovers could have been together. My final difference is in the modern version once Romeo goes back into the Verona walls the cops start to chase him. While being chased Romeo makes a stop at the Apothecary who sells him the poison. In the old version they didn’t have an apothecary. Romeo just shows up with the poison. Those are my differences.
     Now how about some similarities. My first similarity is in both versions how the people carried around weapons. In the old one the people of Verona carried swords. In the modern version of the play the people of Verona carried handguns. Two different weapons, but they were used in the same fashion in both versions of the play. Another likeness is Paris didn’t bite the dust in any of the versions. He is only in a few scenes. He’s not even in the last scene where he was supposed to meet his maker. While on the subject of death, Lady Montague does not die in either version. She is seen exiting the final scene in both versions. She doesn’t even have a big role in the story. My next similarity is the

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Tuesdays With Morrie is both a book and a movie. They are alike and different in so many different ways. The movie is never going to have as much detail as the book did, but they did a good job making the movie as close as possible to the book. The book covered a lot more aspects of the story than the movie did, and the book focused on the bigger more important parts.

There were a lot of main points that the book and movie were alike. In both Morrie dies the same way with the same people around him. At the beginning of this story Mitch is so consumed in his job that he doesn’t give any attention to anything else but his column. As the story progresses Morrie starts to lighten up on the job and work towards a relationship with Morrie. By having this relationship with Morrie helps his relationship back home with his girlfriend who is getting tired of Mitch not giving her the attention she deserves. Janine and Morrie both play huge parts in Mitch’s life in both the movie and the book. The movie used a lot of the same lines used in the book such as Morrie’s aphorisms. One last thing that the book and movie had in common was that each time Mitch went to visit Morrie he could tell Morrie was getting worse and worse.

Even though the movie did a great job making the book come to life, the movie and book had a couple differences. The movie never brought up Mitch’s brother like they did in the book. Another thing is in the movie they didn’t talk about Mitch as child like they did in the book. In the movie they show Janine giving the proposal ring back to Mitch in the airport, but in the book they never mentioned that. Also in the book they never talked about Mitch’s breakup with Janine and how he went to her studio and tried to fix it. Mitch’s relationship with Janine was way more a part of the movie than the book. The book focused more on the relationship between Morrie and Mitch when the movie focused on both.

Some movies that are made from a book are most of the time completely different, but this movie resembled the book perfectly. The movie covered the most important parts of the book, which made it a success.

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