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Great Argumentative Essay Topics On Physical Education

Unless you’re an educator or other school official, physical education is not a realm of education you often hear much debate about. Argumentative essay topics must be debatable and interesting, and let’s face it, physical education doesn’t seem very debatable or interesting. Finding a topic in physical education for an argumentative essay can be difficult. Here is a list of ideas for topics on physical education for your argumentative essay.

7 Argumentative Essay Topics in Physical Education

  • Many schools require students to participate in physical education. If a student fails to participate, he or she may not pass the grade or graduate high school. Should students be required to participate in physical education classes?
  • Some schools allow some students to opt out of physical education and choose from a list of “substitute” electives, such as band. Should some students be required to take physical education courses and others opt out? Or should all students have the same requirements?
  • In many schools, students who play sports must still meet the requirement for physical education in addition to sports team practice. Should students who play sports year-round be required to take physical education courses?
  • The point of physical education is to help children be physically active and learn about the importance of exercise. Does physical education teach children about the importance of physical activity as a human? Is physical education useful or useless?
  • Physical education teachers usually have a set curriculum. All students participate in the same activities whether they enjoy or want to participate in them. This can be troublesome for those students who have great difficulty or are afraid of some activities. Should students be able to choose which activities they will participate in? Should physical education classes offer more than one activity at a time so children can make a choice?
  • Students are graded and often have to meet expectations for performance in physical education to pass. For instance, students usually have to run a mile within a specific amount of time. Many students struggle to meet these expectations. Should students be required to meet expectations and performance standards in physical education classes?
  • Physical education classes contain a mix of students with different disabilities. Some students may have more difficulty than others and may not be able to participate in some activities other children can. For example, a heavier-set child may not be able to run as fast as other children. Should there be different physical education classes that differ based on physical ability? Should students who are physically fit and able to participate in most activities be in separate classes than those who are not as physically inclined as other children?

When writing any argumentative essay, you need to make sure the topic you choose is important to you. Perhaps one of these topics reminds you of issues in your own childhood. Also be sure to take a stand and use facts to support your claim. Physical education may not seem like an area that is widely debated, but hopefully this list has shown you that it can be and is.

The Importance of Physical Education Essay

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With more technology to feel the gap of physical labor for humans and poor nutrition, obesity is rising and people are not living up to their potential. Children have been spending more time indoors with a screen in their face and a controller in their hand. Lack of physical activity not only causes obesity, but lack of brain power and achievement. Children and their families need to be taught the proper ways of how to be healthy in physical education classes to maintain their health across their life span. By incorporating in more lifelong knowledge about health into our physical education systems, obesity rates will drop and students will do much better in school. Physical education (PE) has been around since Greek times, when health,…show more content…

(Teague) A main issue with physical education is that your grade is determined by your performance (Taylor). By hold all children to the same standard, fair judgment of right and wrong is flawed. A child with a less active history than another will not be able to achieve the same goals. A child with a completely different biological design than another will also not be able to compete at the same level as another.
Rather than judging people by their performance, effort and progress should be reported accurately. By “accurately”, I mean using technology, such as heart rate monitors and such to measure how effort and progress each student has. In Illinois, Naperville Central High School freshman were given an opportunity to be a part of the new physical education experiment. This experiment instructed students to come into school an hour earlier and run a mile as fast as they can, while keeping their average heart rate above 185. The results showed heightened awareness and high literacy rates. Exercise has shown to be able to prepare the brain for learning (Vigorous…).
Another major problem in physical education is that it is underappreciated. Ninety-four percent of schools in the United States have cut back their PE programs, leaving a measly six percent offering good fitness education to children. Schools felt the need to draw back on physical education to increase the

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