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It is often said that children learn best by observing the behaviour of adults and copying it.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

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Children’s mind is impressionable. They pick up things very quickly, be it learning a new language, singing, dancing or a new habit. In my opinion, children observe their parents and elders and subconsciously copy their habits. In this essay, I will substantiate my view.

Children often find it difficult to follow what they have been instructed to do. Parents tell kids what should be done or should not be done. It is for their benefits, but they don’t quite get it. On the other hand they copy their elder brother or sister instinctively. For example, in childhood days, my younger brother always used to copy me. If I used to play video game, he also wanted to do the same. If I read comics, he also demanded the same.  It is evident that children are keen observers and they tend to pick up things faster by copying than by following instructions.

They also learn bad habits from elders. When they are young, they do not know what is good or bad. Once they grow up, then they realize these. For example, children see their cousins and siblings insisting for toys and then getting it from parents. They start believing that it is good to be adamant to get what you want. They are unable to understand how parents have to sacrifice other things to fulfill their wish. I believe it is the responsibility of parents to explain such things to children. It will ensure that children develop only good habits.

On the contrary, some people believe that every child has a unique talent. According to them children learns as per their interest and abilities and not by surroundings. However, I believe that a child is like clay and get moulded by their surroundings.  right environment is much more important to harness its talent.

To sum up, children follow what they see rather than what they are told to do. It is the responsibility of parents and elders to lead them in the right direction by setting examples.  Rather than by rule book, it is better to lead them by example.


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The Process of growing up is very complex for children. Among countless factors that influence children's growth, the behavior of adults plays a significant role in shaping children's inclination and character. After the baby is born, the first and the nearest adults are his/her parents. Although the baby is just slur pronunciation, the little baby has started to learn from their parents by observing and copying the adults' talk. This learning environment is important for the babies.

There is a special case reported by the press. A baby was abandoned when she was born. A sow fed her as a piglet. When she was about eight years old, some villagers found her, her intelligence was just similar to the two-year old baby and all of her behaviors were looked like a pig. From this case, we know child is a "mirror" which will reflect the behavior of the closet adults.

Along with the children's growth, adults will influence them much more, such as logical thinking, making decision, cooperation with others, etc.. The behavior of adults can give children both good and bad influence. Most of the behaviors represent adults' inclination. For instance, if media report chiefly on the shadow side of the society, children will easily incline to violence and excessive sex. Therefore, they will be infected with bad mental state.

Behavior is a direct and convincing method to teach children. Things are easier said than done. Parents always tell children those principles repeatedly, but most children can not accept it through these boring method. Adults’ behavior is the most effective education method to let them observe the whole process of how to deal with the problems. The children will learn from you naturally.

Children are like young trees, they need to be carefully irrigated, fertilized and trimmed. Your behavior will be greatly helpful to shape them into useful talents.

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