Sam Learning Homework Login

Pupil Login Details

Pupils need three pieces of information to log into SAM Learning,
the school’s SAM Learning Centre ID, their User ID and their Password;

SAM Learning Centre ID

The Centre ID is usually made up from the first part of the school’s post code and the school’s first two initials. For example, a school called ‘St George’s Secondary school with the postcode AB12 3CD would most likely have the Centre ID AB12SG. However, there are exceptions to this rule: for example, two schools in the same postcode area may have the same initials. If you are unsure of the school’s centre ID then please contact our customer support team.

User ID

Pupils’ User IDs are made up from their Dates of Birth and their initials, forename and surname. For example David Jones, born 1st August 1995, would have the User ID 010895DJ. There are sometimes exceptions to this rule if two pupils share a date of birth and initials, details of which pupils this affects can be found by following the Show Unusual User Ids link on the Admin page.


Pupils’ passwords are initially the same as their User IDs, however it is possible for them to change their password after logging in.

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Using the Set Tasks function you can assign tasks for students to complete within school or at home.  You can review activities at any time and you will receive an email automatically once the task/homework deadline has ended.

You will need to sign into SAM Learning using your unique teacher login details.

Once you have logged in, at the top of the screen click the Activities tab.

You can select the relevant subject for which you would like to set homework for a class or a group.

Select the relevant tasks by checking the boxes on the left hand side of each activity.

When you have selected the activities you would like to set as homework, you will then hit the ‘Set Task’ button just above the list of activities.

When you have clicked on the ‘Set Task’ button, there will be a box that appears with the list of activities you have chosen to set as homework.

You can edit this section by removing or adding more activities simply by hitting the ‘X’ next to the activity you wish to remove and ‘Add more’ buttons.

If you are satisfied with your selection then hit the ‘Next’ button.

You will then be asked to give a name to the homework you are about set.

When you have given the homework a name hit the ‘Next’ button.

You will now be able to select the year group and the classes you wish to assign homework to. The boxes below will allow you to set classes and groups.

You can do this by highlighting a particular class or group and clicking the Add button.  Once the selection has been made, click on the Next button.

You can now set the start date, start timeand the date by which the homework should be completed, then click on Finish.

A confirmation page will appear.  If all the details are correct, click on the ‘Close’ button.


There are 2 entry options in the set task reports.

i.  Selecting View Set Tasks Report (when initially arriving at this section)
ii.            Clicking on the Reports button as shown below.

To filter the list of tasks, use the filter/drop-down selections from the menu on the left of the page.  The default filter for Task Reports will be the current academic year, teacher who has logged in and the teacher’s subjects.

If no tasks have been set, this page will be blank.

The default order for set tasks is oldest to newest.  Sort by clicking on the arrow located in the header of each column.

Click on the task name to edit or delete the task (the Edit/Delete button brings up the same option).

Hover over the Start/Due dates to show start/end times.

Click on the arrow to bring up the detailed report

Navigating around Task Reports

This selection is By Student:

Hover over the graph for score distribution.

Click on the graph to demonstrate the score distribution.

  • Columns in red show the number of attempts and average score for all students.
  • The columns in blue compare the attempts and average score for the selected student and then compare this to all students.

Click on the magnifying glass to produce a report on score outcome.

The menu on the left will then change to By Student By Exercise.

This selection is By Exercise:

The report details:

The percentage of students who completed the task.   The average score for the completed task.

Hover over the graph for score distribution

Click on the graph to show the score distribution.

  • Columns in red show the number of attempts and average score for all students.
  • The columns in blue compare the attempts and average score for the student who completed the task and compare this against all students who completed the task.

Click on the Detail button for the number of attempts and percentage scored in each case.  You will notice that this takes you automatically to the By Student By Exercise section.

This report displays attempts with easy to interpret bar indicators.

Date task completed.

Hover over the date to see the time.

The Student

When the students log in to SAM Learning, their top 3 tasks for completion are displayed on the home page.  To reveal all To Do and Complete tasks the student needs to click on the More Homework button.

To Do

Hover over the title to reveal the teacher who set the task.

Hover over the exercise to reveal the breadcrumb.

To access the activity, click on the Type button (such as Revise, Exam, and APP).

Hover over the date to reveal the time the homework is due.


When students click on Complete they will now see completed tasks (along with percentage correctly answered) and a new entry, Overdue.

Overdue homework can still be completed. It will not count as part of the homework, but will show that work has been done on the activity.

Hover over the percentage to display the date completed.

New inclusion to the report: OVERDUE.  The student has a 1 week grace period to complete the homework.  It will show on the report as completed, but overdue.

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