Advanced Placement Art Assignments With Culture

Description for AP* Spanish Literature & Culture


This workshop covers the structure of the AP* Spanish Literature & Culture Exam:  reading comprehension of the required reading list, listening comprehension, poetry analysis, literary vocabulary, and essay writing.  Discussions will include class curriculum and the school support needed to create and maintain a strong AP* Spanish program. Successful strategies and teaching methods for different types of students (native speakers, non-native speakers, large or small classes) will be addressed, as well as those student skills that need to be reinforced on a regular basis. Time will be devoted to analyzing and reviewing sample texts, and detailed information regarding the grading system will be given.


Syllabus for AP* Spanish Literature 


Day 1


• Benefits of an AP* Program and How to Develop an AP* Program
• Organizing an AP* Spanish Literature & Culture Class
• Description of the AP* Spanish Literature & Culture Exam, Changes and What's New
• Strategies for Teaching AP* Spanish Literature & Culture
• Syllabus for AP* Spanish Language & Culture, Lesson Plans, Research
• Projects, and Internet Exercises
• Reading Strategies


Day 2 


• Reading Strategies Con’t
• How to Teach Reading and Vocabulary
• How to Use the Internet for Reading Comprehension
• The Use of Music and Videos in the Classroom


Day 3 


• Writing, Composition, and Grammar Ideas and Strategies
• Ideas for Writing an Excellent Composition
• Interactive Writing Activities
• The Use of the Internet for Writing and Literary Activities
• Ideas for Teaching Poetry and Literary Vocabulary


Day 4 


• Listening Comprehension Strategies
• How to Make the Most of Internet Sites for Listening Comprehension
• Analysis of AP* Spanish Literature Exams
• Review and discussion of test samples
• Analysis of previous exams
• Sharing of methods, strategies, and techniques

Class Preparation:  Please bring the titles of textbooks and supplementary materials used in class, a lesson or activity that has worked well for you, and a pencil(s) for a class activity.


Course Description:  The Spanish language and culture AP course provide out students unique opportunities to engage with the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.   Through applied linguistics and the development of the language arts, students can see and share the experiences of others separated from our classrooms by time and space.  This curriculum module embodies the focus on culture in the new AP Spanish Language and Culture Curriculum Framework.  The framework envisions culture at the heart of the course, as students use authentic materials to observe and analyze the products, practices, and perspectives of Spanish speaker around the world.   Students and teachers will use authentic visual, audio, audiovisual, and written materials to analyze cultural products, practices, and perspectives.  The learning outcomes for students include the ability to apply the habits of mind developed while analyzing these authentic materials, rather than simply list facts about the particular artists and works.

Prerequisite:  Students must present teacher recommendations with preferences in the areas of English, Social Studies and the Sciences, along with strong linguistically abilities in Spanish.  Students must provide a Letter of Intent and complete an interview process. Good social and academic standing; 95% attendance.   Only serious scholars should apply.  This will be taught as a two period course; however students will need to do significant self -study to prepare properly for the AP exam as the curriculum covers extensive interdisciplinary components with other areas.

Expected Coursework: This course will require students to complete nightly reading in the college-level  textbook, Temas.    Nightly homework, frequent online quizzes and blog postings, and several projects will be given each marking period.  This class involves mandatory after school supplementary sessions on Tuesdays, beginning in October as well as supplemental Saturday test prep sessions from February through the AP exam date. Additional mandatory test prep sessions may be scheduled during school breaks at the teacher’s discretion.  The class culminates in an AP Examination in May 2015. All students are expected to take the AP examination.  Grade Level:  This course is appropriate for sophomores, juniors and seniors.




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