How To Write A 40 Mark Geography Essay

  • Hi guys,
    I'm half way through my A2 course and done a fair few 40 mark essays for AQA board and haven't been able to get above 24/40. I got an A last yeah and I got an A in history so I can't understand why I can't seem to do well in these essays. I really need 3As for Uni and any help would be appreciated; such as how many words I should write (I can now use a computer in my exams) and how to actually obtain many marks. My feedback is always really wishy washy and doesn't actually help me. I study tectonics and weather for the essays. Thanks in advance!

  • Ahh I understand what you mean! AQA History essays seem so much harder for me than last year (I got an A last year, too). All I've gathered is that the 45 mark questions expect A LOT of detail.

  • I take geography at a2 and the 40 markers are such a struggle. The highest I've managed to get is 30 in tectonics and all I can say is have a balance of physical and human based points (eg if it's factors affecting earthquake hazards, include population density and time of day, then relief and vicinity to water or something) as well as using as many case studies as possible but only when relevant to embellish points.

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