Research Paper Topics Veterinary Medicine

The Most Interesting Research Paper Topics In Veterinary Medicine

It isn’t difficult to write a strong research paper in veterinary medicine if you are truly interested in the field and want to learn more about some of its aspects. The success of your work largely depends on the topic you choose. Don’t go after tried and overused themes but give preference to original topic ideas. This trick will help your paper stand out from the pile of quite similar projects by your classmates. Moreover, select an interesting topic for your piece of writing. It’s good if you are original but it’s even better if you are truly passionate about the question you explore and if your readers pick up your passion too. 

How to Come Up With an Interesting Research Paper Topic

  • Listen to yourself.
  • Do you want to become a veterinarian? Why? Do you have a pet? What problems are you concerned with when taking care of your cat or dog? Answer these question and you’ll easily find the facets that interest you the most.

  • Read more.
  • Read more about different areas of veterinary medicine. Sooner or later, you’ll come across an interesting idea and will decide to research it deeper and share your findings with the others.

Great Topics in Veterinary Medicine for Your Inspiration

  • Equine health care: what are the nuances of looking after a horse?
  • How can you recognize that your pet feels a pain?
  • How can you determine the sex of a kitten?
  • What are the causes of a cough in a dog?
  • Why is your pet sneezing?
  • Chronic kidney disease: how can one diagnose the case without a vet’s help?
  • Acupuncture to treat animals: how effective is the method and where is it applied?
  • Should your pets be given your special attention when it’s too cold outside? What can you do to optimize your pet’s well-being in winter?
  • What can you do to diminish the holiday hazards to your pet?
  • What litter types does your cat prefer and what can you do to stop your pet’s inappropriate elimination?
  • How do veterinarians treat cancer in animals? Do the therapies differ from those applied to treat people?
  • What is Cushing’s disease and how is it treated?
  • What do veterinarians do to diagnose correctly on the first try?
  • How are cardiac diseases in pets recognized and what medications are used to treat the cases?
  • What is Addison’s disease? How is it diagnosed and treated nowadays?
  • What should you do if your dog is diagnosed with hypothyroidism?
  • What are the symptoms of antifreeze poisoning in animals?


Veterinary medicine is a very broad subject, and you can come up with various research paper topics within the field. You may explore animal welfare and law, laboratory animal medicine, or other veterinary fields that are similar to human medical care areas. If you choose a niche that is interesting and currently trending, your research paper will be a success. Make use of the following powerful topics to boost your inspiration:

  • Pet obesity: looking for reasons and solutions.
  • Why do our pets become overweight? Is it a nutrition problem? What real and workable assistance can be offered?

  • Technological innovations in veterinary services.
  • What technologies are used nowadays to examine and treat animals?

  • Pet food industry goes natural: looking into the ingredients of natural animal feeds.
  • How do manufacturers of the pet feeds label and mark the ingredients used in their products? Is there any guarantee that the ingredients are really natural?

  • Investigation into modern vaccines for pets.
  • Depending on the lifestyle of your animal, which vaccines should you choose?

  • Why not zebras or crocodiles? – Exploring modern whims in choosing a pet.
  • Which unusual animals are commonly chosen as pets nowadays? Why?

  • Poor veterinary care in rural areas: looking for reasons and solutions.
  • What is the quality of veterinary care in your country?

  • Ebola virus: why should pet owners be on alert?
  • Dominance theory or fear? – Exploring behavioral problems in our pets.
  • Is it really a misconception that animals behave badly due to the need to dominate?

  • Punishment for animals: use and misuse.
  • Why shouldn’t choke chains, electronic collars, or pinch collars be used to treat animal behavioral problems? What are the adverse effects of using these punishment tools?

  • Microchipping our pets: a necessity or a useless trend?
  • Why do pet owners choose to use microchips? Are there any risks involved?

  • Itchy pets: researching the causes.
  • When is the time to be concerned if our household animals are itchy?

  • Thunderstorm anxiety: looking for the most effective treatments.
  • Why is this a common phobia for the majority of pets? Can it be treated?

  • Arthritis: symptoms and treatment.
  • Why is this disease dangerous for our animals?

  • Mycotoxicoses: fighting the dangers.
  • What are the medical grounds for drawing such a diagnosis? Why should the owners of a diseased animal be on alert?

  • Effects of the environment on the egg-laying efficiency of hens.
  • When do some hens lay more eggs than others? What are the optimal conditions for keeping their productivity levels high?

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