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The role of the computer and information technology in the world has evolved from specialised computing machines to information devices that pervade our daily lives. In our attempts to integrate computers into our daily lives in the world, we take into account the embodied nature of our interactions with each other and object we manipulate. New technologies lead to a new kind of human being - one embodied in a new technologically enhanced body. Homo faber is the new technologically enhanced human being - who is not an objective artifact (a technology) but a subjective artifact of the new technologically enhanced (perceptually, cognitively, and desire-and institutionally-oriented) human subject. Every time new technologies were introduced, claims were made that revolutionary changes would occur in teaching and learning. I caution against thinking that the technologies alone will bring about the change. The technologies only allows us to think of new ways of learning. Just as books require good authors, the new technology will require new kinds of learning design engineers. In this article, I will suggest to rethink the application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) alongwith the embodied nature of communication in education. To deal with these issues, it is argued to develop a culture of embodiment and technology relations in the philosophy of education.

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Key words: body, information & computer technology, human-computer interaction, phenomenology, tools, users, Rosenberger, world.


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Essay on ICT and Education

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ICT has a huge range of functions in education such as; communication, learning tools, administration, information sources and distance learning. ICT has therefore had quite an impact on education; for instance, the National Curriculum demands children be taught to use computers early on so as they progress into secondary, further and higher education, they are then adept in utilising applications software. Consequently, ICT is used in virtually all of the subjects that the students are taught, whether it be English, maths, modern foreign languages, etc.

ICT in the past
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As well as possessing a huge amount of information and limitless sources and materials, it is also quite fast, easily accessible and perfectly suitable for both students and employees. Numerous websites have been created and are available on the internet offering heaps of information for individuals to explore. People can also collect and share information with other people around the world using the internet. Typically the information in the internet is free and available 24 hours a day. An additional advantage of having loads of information on the internet is that it is cheaper than buying and replacing books outdated information books every year. Another advantage of the internet is the communication. People are able to communicate immediately with other people thousands of miles away. Today the range of communication services provided by the internet include; e-mail, instant messaging, blogs, newsgroups and online conferencing. These types of communication can enable friends to chat and employers to converse with employees from long distances. One more advantage is the amount of services that the internet provides such as job seeking, purchasing tickets online, online banking, guidance services and hotel bookings. These services are sometimes not online and can cost more.
A disadvantage of the internet is that people are can be in danger in terms of their personal information being stolen.

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